What we provide


Giving you the tools you need to know to increase awareness in our schools, businesses, orgranizations and our communities.


Teaching you to know the warning signs, know what to say, what not to say. How to listen nonjudgmentally and help someone get professional help.

Ask the Question - Save a Life

"Are you thinking about suicide?"

Asking the question will not cause a person to attempt suicide. It can help them to open up and ask for help. If the answer is "Yes" persuade them to seek immediate help.

Core Values


Honest, transparent, with priority focus on Coalition's mission.


Welcoming, accepting, culturally competent, genuine, collaborative; we honor differences and are inclusive to demonstrate respect within and without.


Passionate, dedicated, willing to be flexible and focused.


Needs of communities are acknowledged and worked on; listening with compassion; matching talents with needs.

Leading for Excellnce

Quality, parity, results; bringing the best we can to discussions; thoughtfulness; educated but never done learning, we are a model for other communities.


Expanding horizons and perspectives to advance cultural, attitudinal, and behavioral changes.